Tierernährung GmbH


DELTA Tierernährung is specialized in conceptualizing new marketable mineral- and supplementary feedstuffs and special mixtures for the level of trade as a contract manufacturing. We offer no fixed standard range, but develop individual solutions with our customers. Within the scope of our technical equipment this is possible for all animal species.


To whom do we offer

To trading companies that would like to establish an innovative range of products on the market while minimizing risk. But also to competitors, who have a production plant themselves for punctual requirements without having the required machine equipment and/or resources.


What is a possible cooperation with DELTA Tierernährung

From the initial idea on paper to production in our factory, the possible perspectives will be explored in common intensive discussions and concrete solutions will be developed in order to achieve set goals through a focused feeding. The result is a new, unique special feed or a product range which opens the market to the respective client as exclusive supplier, provided with its own individual presentation.


Consultation from DELTA Tierernährung

Nutritional consultation based on the latest scientific knowledge is self-evident. Also we are going to lit the legal framework (feed law, QS specifications in farm animals, eco-regulation, etc.) for the envisaged products. Sample mixtures will be produced and the necessary feed analysis will be created. If desired, we support our customers in the creation of the label in terms of legal regulations.


Quantities and packaging of mineral and supplementary feed and special mixtures

We are able to offer special mixtures inexpensivley. On request, we produce an individual formulation for a single animal.

Neutral packaging materials such as cans, buckets or bags, which can be provided with the labels of the customer, we have always in stock. As well the customer could buy the goods in bags to fill cans by himself.



At this point we can assure you already the expected discretoin by our customers in this market segment.

We are happy to convince you of our capabilities - just speak to us!