Tierernährung GmbH


Since the establishment of DELTA Tierernährung major value is placed on quality. Only quality can assert itself on the market.

As a manufacturer of specialized feedstuff with large variety of individual nutritional solutions we provide high quality requirements for the products which leave our house. In order to fulfill these challenges in the future, we rely on

  • trained, skilled and motivated employees in production
  • the latest scientific findigs of nutritional physiology by advanced training and training of employees
  • machines which are well serviced and maintained
  • suppliers which are distinguished by reliability and quality

With these conditions, we are striving to satisfied customers whose expectations will be attained on us and our products.

Our existing quality management programs:

since 2002 QS

since 2002 A-Futter

since 2003 until 2015 DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

since November 2015 DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 

since 2003 HACCP 

since 2007 certified by the EG-Order Nr. 834/2007 and Nr. 889/2008 (bio/organic production)

since 2018 GMP+

Under certificates the current certificate documents are available for download.

documents for quality assurance
Delta quality
Delta quality